Camps are $75 per session/child and are from 9-12am.
Camp Theme: "We All Scream for Ice Cream"
June 5th-6th 
 We will kick off the summer with everyone's favorite....ICE CREAM! Campers will be painting a canvas of an ice cream cone as well as an ice cream bowl to use all summer long for your "cool" treats! A cool treat will be provided.
 Camp Theme: "All Paws Down" 
June 7th-8th
We are celebrating our Pets! Campers will be creating a clay name plaque for their pet and get to create their own food/water bowl for their pet to use. Your pet will be spoiled with their new items! A treat for you and your pet will be provided.
Camp Theme: "Magical Fairy"
June 12th-13th
Dive into the world of little fairies! Campers will get to create their own fairy garden and paint a fairy figurine to go along with the garden they created! We will have a story time while eating a "fairy" treat. This will be a fun class to create some magical pieces! 
 Camp Theme: "Sharks"
June 14th-15th
Did you know that sharks have lived on this Earth since before the dinosaurs? Campers will learn some more about sharks while creating a one of a kind shark mug. They will design a wooden shark to be hung on the wall as well! Your camper will have a "sharktastic" treat while they are here.
Camp Theme: "Knights and Princesses"
June 19th-20th
The Knights and Princesses in this class will be creating a light up castle to keep all the dragons out of their room at night. They will also be creating a one of kind handprint.  Camper will learn how to be a dragon master and will be provided a snack.
 Camp Theme: "How Does Your Garden Grow"
June 21-22nd
Campers will learn about plants, their parts and uses. They will create their own flower pot as well as apron to use for future gardening. They get to use several different painting techniques to decorate their pot! A snack will be provided.
Camp Theme: "To Infinity and Beyond"
June 26-27th 
In this fun class, campers will learn about space! They will be painting canvas using glow in the dark paints. They will also decorate a ceramic rocket to go in their room. Campers will learn about star gazing and constellations. A snack will be provided. This class will be out of this world!
Camp Theme: "Slumber Party"
June 28-29th
Who doesn't love a sleepover with friends? This glass will have you prepared for a fun time on your next sleepover! Campers will paint their own popcorn bowl and create their own night light using glass fusion techniques. This class is going to be Awesome! A snack will be provided.
Camp Theme: "Day at the Beach"
July 5-6th
 Campers will learn about mosaics as they create their own mosaic fish! Each camper will also make a seashell necklace to go along with our theme. We will have some beach games and a snack during our camp. 
Camp Theme: "Calling All Super Heroes"
July 10-11th
This is not a class just for boys! Campers will be painting their own superhero ceramic box to keep all their "trinkets" they find on their adventures. There will be options of Marvel Superheros and Anna and Elsa. Campers will also make a puppet and superhero handprint. A snack will be provided.
 Camp Theme: "All About Sports"
July 12-13th
Calling all sports fans! Campers will be decorating a wooden frame to keep their  team photos in. Campers will also choose between a football, baseball/softball, soccer or basketball bank to paint and keep all their money in. We will learn about some famous athletes and a snack will be provided!
Camp Theme: "Monster Buddies"
July 17-18th
Campers will be using clay to create and paint their very own Monster Buddy! They will also complete a canvas painting of a very cute monster! Campers will be inspired by famous monsters such as those in Monsters Inc and Hotel Transylvania. This will be a fun and silly class! A snack will be provided.
Camp Theme: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
July 19-20th
It's just about us girls! Campers will be creating a mosaic letter ( initial of their name) for their room and will design some beautiful jewelry with glass fusion. This class is going to have lots laughs as girls have fellowship with each other and talk about what makes them special! A snack will be provided.
Camp Theme "Christmas In July"
July 24-25th
Campers will be getting in the Christmas spirit as they paint a Christmas tree dish that can be used for candies, nuts and treats during the holidays. They will also paint their own hot cocoa mug. This fun class will get everyone excited for Christmas and that special time of year! Campers will be provided a snack.
Camp Theme: "Pirates and Mermaids" 
July 26-27th
Argh! Campers will have fun decoupaging, using mosaic tiles or painting a wooden pirate or mermaid  piece. They will also paint their own treasure chest and leave with a few special treasures of their own! We will have a story as well a snack together in this class! Come if ye dare!
Camp Theme: "Glass Fusion"
July 31-Aug 1st
In this class, campers will be creating their own suncatcher out of glass! We will be teaching them the techniques of creating glass fusion pieces as well as guiding them to create their own glass fused bowl. This class is best suited for campers 8+. A snack will be provided!
 Camp Theme: "Disney"
Aug 2-3rd
You are never too old for Disney! In this class campers will get to paint  Olaf on canvas and choose a figure of their choice from some of the most popular movies: Cars, Little Mermaid, Mickey and Minnie and Nemo. A snack will be provided.
Camp Theme: "Woodland Friends" 
Aug 7-8th
Campers will use clay to sculpt some little woodland critters. We will learn about the unique characteristics of the owl and create a owl wall hanging. Each owl will be unique and use a variety of items to create its body. This class is fun for all ages! A snack will be provided.
Camp Theme: "Back to School"
Aug 9-10th
As summer winds down, it's time to think about school and your new teacher. Campers will make a pencil cup for themselves and a beautiful vase to give to their new teacher! A snack will be provided.